Stormwater Detention Tank

Stormwater Detention Tank: A stormwater detention tank is a tank designed to capture large volumes of rainwater which can accumulate quickly during a heavy downpour of rain, and consecutive downpours. The detention tank temporarily “detains” that water slowing down the rate of water entering the stormwater system, greatly assisting to prevent flooding. Detention tanks have an outlet that is always open so water can always … Continued

18000 Litre Grease Trap

Lightweight 18000 Litre Grease Trap Viking Plastics recently manufactured an 18000 litre grease trap for a food processor in Campbellfield, Victoria. Fabricated for below ground installation, the tank was particularly deep to line up with existing pipe-work 1600mm below surface level.  Access to the tank is via three 600mm diameter cast iron access covers.  The tank was installed in the loading dock area under a driveway … Continued

Large Capacity Grease Trap Case Study

Large Capacity Grease Trap: Viking Plastics recently fabricated a 20,000 litre large capacity grease trap for Bayside Shopping Centre, Frankston, Victoria.  This was the largest capacity grease trap Viking has manufactured – the previous being a 13,000 litre tank for Chobani. Bayside Shopping Centre worked with Viking Plastics to upgrade their trade waste system.  Viking’s 20,000 litre tank will service the Centre’s large food court and … Continued

Paint Collection Tanks: National Art School Case Study

The National Art School (NAS) has around 30 trade waste tanks onsite including paint collection tanks, acid neutralizing tanks and plaster traps. NAS is a higher education provider offering specialised study in studio arts practice.  NAS has been in operation on the historic Darlinghurst Gaol site in East Sydney since 1922.  NAS are going through the process of replacing their old metal paint collection tanks with plastic tanks … Continued

Chobani Yogurt Case Study

Regarded as America’s number one yogurt, Chobani Yogurt opened a manufacturing facility in Australia in 2013. Viking Plastics supplied a 13,000 litre above ground Paneltim grease trap with hinged lids.  Chobani’s Paneltim grease trap is considered to be one of the largest in the world.  Regardless of size, one of the added benefits of using Paneltim grease traps is installation savings.  Costs are reduced as Paneltim grease traps … Continued

MCG Case Study

When filled to capacity, the MCG holds 100,000 people. It is the 12th largest stadium in the world and with numerous food preparation facilities, from large dining rooms, restaurants, cafes to fast food outlets such as the ‘Dog Bar’ and ‘Red Rooster’ and those serving the typical ‘footy food’ the MCG can cater for all tastes. What people don’t see is the behind the scenes … Continued

QV Melbourne Case Study

QV Melbourne is a precinct in the central business district of Melbourne, Victoria.  QV comprises a large shopping centre, a central plaza, an underground food court, a full-size supermarket and apartment buildings.  QV began to open progressively from late 2003, and is now complete. Viking Plastics recently provided seven 5,000 litre Paneltim grease traps as an upgrade to service the food court and apartment buildings.  Paneltim is an … Continued

Plastic Fabrication Case Study: Taronga Zoo

Custom Plastic Fabrication: Viking Plastics is proud of its innovation in custom plastic fabrication and regularly receives diverse requests from customers.  Recently, the dolphin pool at Tarongo Zoo required an upgrade to its filtration system. The water in dolphin pools has to be constantly filtered to keep it clean for the dolphins and the spectators. The temperature and composition of the water also has to be controlled to … Continued

Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Case Study

Indooroopilly Shopping Centre is the largest Shopping Centre in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. From a quick bite to eat to a sit down gourmet dining experience, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre food outlets have it all.  The Centre’s has recently undergone a major redevelopment including new mall, food court and supermarket. Viking Plastics was the supplier of choice for large plastic fabricated grease traps.

Trade Waste Tanks Case Study: Highpoint

Trade Waste Tanks: Water Authorities require trade waste tanks to be installed in food preparation areas.  Highpoint Shopping Centre is a major shopping centre located in Maribyrnong, Victoria. It is the fourth largest shopping centre in Australia.  Highpoint has a major food court requiring numerous waste tanks.  In 2011 Highpoint underwent a two-year $300 million two-stage redevelopment which added 100 new stores. As part of the … Continued