Cathedrals on Fraser Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Cathedrals on Fraser Manager, Jack, collaborated with Viking Plastics to upgrade Fraser Island’s aerated waste water treatment. Waste water treatment is used for the treatment of wastewater through various treatment ‘chambers’. The wastewater is treated by bacteria in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen increases bacterial activity and the bacteria break down the nutrients in the effluent. Waster water treatment is required to … Continued

Melbourne Central Large Grease Traps Case Study

Melbourne Central, a large shopping centre, office, and public transport hub, required the installation of ten 10,000 litre above ground large grease traps. The grease trap specification was provided by Brendan Yeung from Norman, Disney & Young Engineering Consultants (NDY). NDY provide sustainable engineering solutions to improve the value, reliability, and efficiency of their clients’ projects. Brendan specified Viking Plastics’ above ground Paneltim®, self-supporting grease … Continued

Curved Planter Box Liners

Viking Plastics is a specialist in the custom fabrication of curved planter box liners. In 2017, Pt Leo Estate opened its doors.  Designed by Melbourne-based Jolson architects, the estate includes a winery, two restaurants, rooftop terrace and a sculpture park on a sprawling 50-acre site along the rugged Mornington Peninsula coast. Viking Plastics was engaged to custom fabricate curved planter box liners for the rooftop terrace. … Continued

Rain Garden Design

Have a rain garden design you need fabricated?  Viking Plastics specialises in the custom manufacture of rain gardens, wicking beds, planter boxes and liners. Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is an approach to manage urban stormwater. Rain garden design is a part of WSUD. A rain garden is used to capture water from run off areas like roofs or driveways and holds the water until … Continued

Lobster Holding Tanks

Viking Plastics has recently been commissioned to fabricate four lobster holding tanks for Pacific Bao Yu. Live Lobster Export Pacific Bao Yu is an experienced Australian exporter of premium-grade wild caught seafood. Pacific Bao Yu has previously installed Viking’s lobster holding tanks at their Lara facility in Victoria. The newly commissioned tanks will be installed in their Port MacDonnell site in South Australia. Wild lobster … Continued

Custom Dipping Tanks

Viking Plastics was recently contracted to fabricate custom dipping tanks for ArmorGalv. Located in Thornton, NSW, ArmorGalv provide environmentally friendly thermal diffusion galvanising. The ArmorGalv® technology offers superior corrosion protection and wear resistance as well as anti-galling properties. Viking’s dipping tanks were fabricated using 20mm polypropylene sheet. Polypropylene (PP) is a plastic that has excellent chemical resistance properties over a wide range of bases and … Continued

Plastic Planter Boxes

  Viking Plastics fabricate and supply plastic planter boxes and liners for residential and commercial landscaping and design. Viking’s planter boxes are fabricated using Paneltim®, an innovative 50mm thick plastic sandwich construction panel.  Liners for planter boxes and ponds are fabricated using 6mm thick polyethylene. Viking’s plastic planter boxes are custom made for each project and can be finished in a range of cladding including … Continued

5000 Litre Grease Traps: MetCentre Food Court

Viking Plastics has recently fabricated and supplied four (4) above-ground 5000 litre grease traps to service the newly renovated food court at Sydney’s MetCentre. The MetCentre food court is home to casual dining stores and restaurants, featuring a wide selection of international cuisines. The MetCentre restaurants all produce fatty waste that enters drains from sinks used for food preparation. The 5000 litre grease traps will … Continued

18000 Litre Grease Trap

Lightweight 18000 Litre Grease Trap Viking Plastics recently manufactured an 18000 litre grease trap for a food processor in Campbellfield, Victoria. Fabricated for below ground installation, the tank was particularly deep to line up with existing pipe-work 1600mm below surface level.  Access to the tank is via three 600mm diameter cast iron access covers.  The tank was installed in the loading dock area under a driveway … Continued

Large Capacity Grease Trap Case Study

Large Capacity Grease Trap: Viking Plastics recently fabricated a 20,000 litre large capacity grease trap for Bayside Shopping Centre, Frankston, Victoria.  This was the largest capacity grease trap Viking has manufactured – the previous being a 13,000 litre tank for Chobani. Bayside Shopping Centre worked with Viking Plastics to upgrade their trade waste system.  Viking’s 20,000 litre tank will service the Centre’s large food court and … Continued