• Art or Craft workshops
  • Battery storage areas
  • Cheese manufacturers
  • Dairies
  • Industries generating acidic waste water
  • Metal etching workshops
  • Photographic laboratories
  • School or university laboratories
Acid Neutralising Tank (valve not included)

An acid neutralising tank is designed to normalise the pH level of waste water containing high levels of acid before being discharged into the sewer. An acid neutralising tank is fitted with three internal baffles and are filled with acid neutralising marble chips (sold separately) to 60% of the water capacity. The three baffles force the liquid and acidic waste flowing through the tank to filter past the marble chips.  This has the effect of neutralising the acid thus allowing pH balanced water to be safely discharged to the sewer.

Marble Chips

Viking Plastics also supplies 25Kg bags of acid neutralising marble chips. One 25Kg bag is required per 40 litres of tank water capacity.

What size tank will my business need?

In general, the capacity of an acid neutralising tank needs to be sufficient to retain the acidic waste water for at least one hour before being discharged to sewer.

The most common size tank for single sink is 67 litres. However, the appropriate size, or capacity, tank will be nominated by your local water authority under your trade waste agreement. You will need to contact your local water authority so they can determine the capacity applicable to your application. To find your local water authority, click here.

 Capacity: 67 litres – 2000 litres

  • Larger capacity tanks are available by special order
  • Where there are space limitations, an equivalent capacity tank can be custom made to fit the available space

 Above Ground Acid Neutralising Tank

  • Fabricated from PVC and/or 6mm polypropylene (PP) for above ground installations
  • Tanks greater than 250 litres are fitted with an external 50x50mm galvanised steel tube support frame for long lasting sturdiness
  • Supplied with 100mm inlet pipe and outlet pipe with a water sampling socket
  • Pipe fittings are fully welded for superior seals
  • Fitted with a bracket to hold a cement mortar Test Block
  • Cement mortar Test Block to be supplied and fitted by a Trade Waste inspector
  • Supplied with a loose fitting lid for easy access for replacing marble chips and cleaning

Below Ground Acid Neutralising Tank

  • Fabricated from 6mm PVC and/or polypropylene (PP) for below ground installations [these tanks must be surrounded with 100mm thick (minimum) concrete walls and base]
  • Fitted with 100mm inlet, outlet and vent plain pipe nozzles
  • Pipe fittings are fully welded for superior seals
  • Fitted with a bracket to hold a cement mortar test block
  • Cement mortar test block may  supplied and fitted by a trade waste inspector
  • Full height keying strips are provided to ensure the plastic tank walls bind to the poured concrete. The keying strips include holes to install Y12 reinforcing bars.  The reinforcing bars help to provide better binding of the steel reinforcement in the poured concrete
  • External 50mm flat rim flange around the top of the tank provides a better binding surface between the interceptor and poured concrete and a level area for the access cover/s
  • Access covers (sold separately) capable of being removed by one man should be fitted on top for easy access for tank cleaning
  • Concrete- infill-access-cover
    Concrete in-fill access cover

    Access covers ( sold separately) are available in various types (concrete in-fill, solid top or tiling edge), numerous sizes and several weight loadings (pedestrian, car or truck)

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