Lobster Holding Tanks

Viking Plastics has recently been commissioned to fabricate four lobster holding tanks for Pacific Bao Yu.

Live Lobster Export

Lobster holding tanks

Pacific Bao Yu is an experienced Australian exporter of premium-grade wild caught seafood. Pacific Bao Yu has previously installed Viking’s lobster holding tanks at their Lara facility in Victoria. The newly commissioned tanks will be installed in their Port MacDonnell site in South Australia.

Wild lobster is harvested from the ocean and taken directly to holding tanks so that each piece can be sorted and weighed into size and quality categories.

The graded products are placed into dedicated live holding tanks for purging. The technology and design of the tank simulate the ocean’s natural environment. Each tank has its own closed water system, equipped with biological filtration systems and temperature control.

Following several days purging in the holding tanks, the live lobster is packed into polystyrene cartons. Transfer to the airport is via temperature controlled trucks.

Lobster holding tank showing Paneltim gussets

Tank Construction

The new tanks are 5500mm long x 1100mm wide x 920mm high. The significant difference between the Viking tanks and traditional fibreglass tanks is that the Viking tanks are manufactured using 50mm thick white Paneltim® polypropylene (PP) construction panels. Paneltim® panels have a cross-rib internal cell structure that provides exceptional strength and rigidity. As the perfect alternative to fibreglass, Paneltim® is more durable and longer lasting, won’t degrade, can be made to order in terms of capacity and dimensions, and is easily repaired or modified. In addition, the polypropylene panels are food-grade quality and not will leach toxins into the holding system.

Unique Features

Viking Plastic’s lobster holding tanks feature a unique gusseted support structure. The tank’s floor is elevated off the ground with a gusset underneath to ensure the structural integrity of the tank is not compromised when filled with water. The gussets transfer stresses between connected members and help strengthen the joint between them. This results in the tank sides not being forced away from the floor when water is in the tank.

Tank sump and outlets

Viking’s tanks also feature a lower sump area at one end of the tank with two 80mm diameter threaded fittings plastic welded into position for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

To view further photos of Viking Plastics’ aquaculture tanks, visit their gallery.

Australia Wide Delivery

Viking Plastics’ tanks are fabricated in the their Braeside, Victoria, factory for distribution Australia wide.

If you are looking to upgrade existing aquaculture tanks or fit out a new facility, you can: