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Viking Product Catalogue
Viking Trade Waste Brochure
Viking – Fume Cupboards
Chemco – Chemical Resistant Exhaust Fans
HoKa – Chemical Resistant Ducting

Grease Interceptor

Domestic Grease Trap – Above Ground & Below Ground


P9AGGrease Interceptor – Above Ground_ Thin Skin
PT9AGGrease Interceptor – Above Ground_Paneltim
PT9AGHGrease Interceptor Above Ground_Paneltim_Hinged Lid
P9BGGrease Interceptor – Below Ground_Thin Skin
PT9BGGrease Interceptor – Below Ground_Paneltim


Trade Waste Tanks

P6Acid Neutralising Tank
P15Cooling & Straining Tank
P27Dental Plaster Trap
DPBGDilution Pit (WA only)
P14Hair Trap
P5Mixing Tank
P16Paint Collection Tank
P10Petrol & Oil Interceptor (Triple Interceptor)
P13T/P13BPump Tank/Pump Bin
SSABGSettleable Solids Arrestor (WA only)
P7Settling Tank
P12PSilt Pit
P12TSilt Trap
P8Solvent & Oil Interceptor
P11Testing Sump


P7DTDolly Trolley
P20P20 Galvernised Steel/Cast Iron Covers (Concrete Infill)
PT20Paneltim® Access Lid
P23Plug & Waste Outlet
Tank Extension_Riser for Below Ground Installation

Fume Cupboards

Single-sided Fume Cupboards
Double-sided Fume Cupboards
ACS 1200 Control System Operation Guide
Services Connections (Electrical, Gas and Water)

Exhaust Fans

Fan Wiring Diagram


Bin Wash

Dental Trap

Garden Tank

Header Tank