Viking’s Grease Raider Easy Clean under bench grease trap is an electromechanical grease removal unit. It removes fat oil and grease (FOG) from wastewater. It incorporates a self-wash and pump out cycle to keep the appliance cleaner and help reduce annual servicing costs.

Water authorities require grease traps to be installed in commercial food premises such as restaurants, cafe’s, bakeries, take away food outlets, butchers, etc, so the FOG does not block sewage pipes.

Grease Raider Easy Clean Under Bench Grease Trap


  • Less Space
  • Less Cost
  • Self-cleaning features*
  • No Chemicals
  • Easy Waste Disposal
  • Front-loading filter basket located above the water level to capture solids and prevent sediment build-up within the unit
  • Filter basket is easily removed for daily checking and removal of any excess solids escaping the sink filter
  • Sealed to mitigate against escaping odours
  • Program Logic Controller (PLC) controlled with operating display
  • Combi oven options available
Grease Raider Easy Clean Under Bench Grease Trap

Electromechanical Grease Removal

The Grease Raider under bench grease trap is designed to remove fat, oil and grease (FOG) from the wastewater flowing out of a dish washing sink.

The wastewater from the sink flows into the trap and enters the Grease Raider through a mesh filter basket. The filter basket sits above the water level and the 2mm mesh is small enough to catch most food particles which drain through the sink. The filter basket is easy to remove, and the captured waste is scraped into the kitchen rubbish bin. The Grease Raider has a flow rate restrictor on the inlet and baffles within the unit to radically reduce turbulence in the trap optimizing the separation time for FOG to rise to the surface of the water.

*A PLC controlled set of processes are completed 6 times every day to achieve the removal of FOG from the unit. A hot water injection programme ensures FOG is always recoverable by keeping the temperature to a level that keeps the FOG pliant. The hot water jets also push the FOG towards the rotating FOG roller. The FOG adheres to the roller and is removed via a wiper blade and then flows into an external collection container.


A Cleaner, Fresher Unit

Once the final nightly grease removal cycle is completed, the dirty water within the tank is partially drained exposing the trap walls. Hot water jets then clean the inside of the tank, the riser chamber, the roller, the wiper blade, and FOG extraction chute.

This helps to keep the unit clean and reduce odours. The result is a cleaner appliance, operating continuously with very low maintenance.


It is recommended to service your Grease Raider every 6 months. This will involve a commercial pump out which will clean out any residue formed at the bottom of the tank and a check on the conditions of the seals and wiper blade.


Grease Raider Brochure
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