Melbourne Central Large Grease Traps Case Study

Viking large grease traps

Melbourne Central, a large shopping centre, office, and public transport hub, required the installation of ten 10,000 litre above ground large grease traps. The grease trap specification was provided by Brendan Yeung from Norman, Disney & Young Engineering Consultants (NDY). NDY provide sustainable engineering solutions to improve the value, reliability, and efficiency of their clients’ projects. Brendan specified Viking Plastics’ above ground Paneltim®, self-supporting grease traps. In addition to the 10,000 litre units, one 5,000 litre above ground grease trap and one 2,500 litre above ground grease trap were also specified to service the varying tenancy requirements within the facility.

Paneltim Plastic Construction Panel
Paneltim® Plastic Construction Panel

Paneltim® is an innovative dual skin plastic construction panel with an internal 50mm cross-rib cell structure. Whilst lightweight, the panels offer superior strength and rigidity both in length and width. Poured concrete reinforcement or steel support frames are not required due to the structural strength and rigidity of Paneltim®. The result is a self-supporting tank which is easily manoeuvrable for its size which saves both time and money.

Kennedys Group, a complete construction and trade services provider, successfully upgraded the waste treatment centre at Melbourne Central. Works included the removal of old stainless steel grease traps and installation of the twelve new Viking Plastic grease traps. In addition there was the fabrication and installation of new pipeworks and vents. North Melbourne Branch Manager, Daniel Mitchell and his team played an instrumental role, providing design and implementation in collaboration with NDY specifications.

Removal of old stainless steel grease traps
Viking Plastics’ Paneltim® tanks
Melbourne Central Grease Traps
Melbourne Central Car Park Grease Traps
Melbourne Central Basement Car Park Pipe Works
Melbourne Central Basement Car Park Pipe Works

The grease traps were specified for installation in existing basement car park areas. This created complexities as a result of height restrictions. To work within the height restrictions, Viking Plastics custom designed and fabricated the large tanks with a lower height, but with increased length and width, to achieve the required litre capacity.

Towing trailer with tank onto site

Site height restrictions also resulted in the inability to crane lift the large grease traps into position. To solve the challenge, Kennedys Group provided an ingenious custom low-riding metal trailer system. Each grease trap was positioned on the trailer in Viking’s warehouse and loaded onto a flat bed truck.

The grease traps and trailer were then transported to the site where the trailer was then attached to a vehicle and driven into the various locations within the car park basement, returning the trailer to Viking to facilitate the next delivery. This transport and installation solution would not have been possible with anything other than a strong, lightweight product that Viking Plastics Paneltim® grease traps can offer.

Fabricated in Melbourne, Viking Plastics’ products are available for delivery Australia wide.

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