Cathedrals on Fraser Waste Water Treatment

Cathedrals on Fraser Waste Water Treatment tanks

Waste Water Treatment

Cathedrals on Fraser Manager, Jack, collaborated with Viking Plastics to upgrade Fraser Island’s aerated waste water treatment. Waste water treatment is used for the treatment of wastewater through various treatment ‘chambers’. The wastewater is treated by bacteria in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen increases bacterial activity and the bacteria break down the nutrients in the effluent. Waster water treatment is required to service the island’s main camping area, onsite cabins, and cafe.

Fraser Island is a magical paradise containing half the worlds perched freshwater dune lakes, spectacular coloured sands, immense sand blows, lush rainforests growing on sand dunes (a phenomenon believed to be unique in the world) and abundant wildlife. In recognition of its outstanding natural values, it is inscribed on the World Heritage list.

Jack considered both concrete and plastic tanks. Given concrete tanks needed to be made on site (which wasn’t practical) and were significantly more expensive than plastic tanks, Jack ordered three 22,000 litre waste water treatment tanks from Viking Plastics.

Fabrication and Installation

Paneltim Plastic Construction Panel
Paneltim® Plastic Construction Panel

Viking fabricated the tanks using Paneltim® plastic construction panels. The panels are 50mm think and have an internal cell structure resulting in light panels with significant strength and rigidity.

Pipework interconnects the three tanks creating a capacity of over 60,000 litres. The tanks have internal and external bracing. The tanks were also designed to be partly buried in the sand so the tanks will service Fraser Island for many years to come. Inside each tank is series of internal baffles to slow the flow of water. As the water slows, waste particles sink to the bottom.

Three 22,000 Litre Waste Water Treatment Tanks
22,000 Litre Waste Water Treatment Tank

The water continues to flow through each tank “chamber” becoming cleaner with each pass.

Says Jack, “The tanks were installed and made operational on time, and have continued to perform as expected. We were very happy with the whole process…thank you and the team for making it happen within our somewhat tight timeframe.”

Viking Plastics fabricate standard and custom grease traps, trade waste tanks, aquaculture tanks, rain gardens, planter boxes and liners. Bespoke products is a specialty.

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