• removal of wastewater and sewage from fixtures such as toilets, baths and basins.

Bespoke design and fabrication

Viking Plastics has been manufacturing custom made DWV and Storm Water PVC pipe fittings and junctions for many decades.

Viking’s range of fittings include:

pvc pipe fittings
Viking Plastics’ custom fabricated PVC pipe fittings
  • Boss connectors
  • 45 degree and 90 degree junctions
  • Reducing junctions
  • Reducing tees
  • Puddle flanges
  • Offsets
  • Bolted flange adaptors
  • Slab adaptors
  • Tundish /sight glass
  • Vent cowls
  • Fittings to suit PVC, HDPE and PP

Well know for fast turn around times, Viking Plastics offers lightweight, durable products that are fabricated to the highest standards.

Stuck finding a solution for a tricky installation? Viking Plastic’ custom fabricated pipe fittings may just be your answer.

Australia Wide Delivery

Viking’s products are fabricated in Melbourne and delivered Australia wide.

For further information you can request a quote, or call Viking Plastics on 03 9587 2297.