Custom Dipping Tanks

Viking Plastics Dipping tanks

Viking Plastics was recently contracted to fabricate custom dipping tanks for ArmorGalv.

Located in Thornton, NSW, ArmorGalv provide environmentally friendly thermal diffusion galvanising. The ArmorGalv® technology offers superior corrosion protection and wear resistance as well as anti-galling properties.

Viking’s dipping tanks were fabricated using 20mm polypropylene sheet. Polypropylene (PP) is a plastic that has excellent chemical resistance properties over a wide range of bases and acids and is stable at high temperatures. These qualities made PP the perfect material for the fabrication of dipping tanks to be used for the galvanised coating of steel components. Steel external support frames were constructed of 100 PFC (parallel flange, C channel) steel and were epoxy coated. The side walls, end walls and base were then fully welded using extrusion welders to create the complete tub.

Viking Plastic's dipping tanks fabricated using 20mm PP
Viking Plastics’ dipping tanks fabricated using 20mm PP

The solution inside the PP tub is heated for the post-galvanising finishing process. This means the PP tub would expand and contract allowing for ambient to 65 degrees C. Hence, the external frames were designed so that the PP tubs had room to expand and contract (within the frames).

The Viking dipping tanks were designed in close consultation with ArmorGalv. Seven tanks were fabricated in total. Five 7,500 litre tanks 7.5 metres long, 1.1m wide and 1m high, plus two 4,500 litre tanks 4.5 metres long, 1.1m wide and 1m high. 20mm thick PP sheet is supplied in 3m x 1.5m (standard) sizes. Viking’s fabricators cut the sheet to the required height or width using a panel saw. To make the longer lengths of 7.5m and 4.5m, the sheets were joined together using butt fusion welding.

A number of 3” and 2” PP sockets were welded to each tub so they could be drained, filled or connected to other services.

Viking Plastics has been fabricating plastic tanks for over 50 years. The product range includes grease traps, trade waste tanks, storm detention and aquaculture tanks. In more recent times, Viking also fabricate custom planter boxes and liners for large residential, corporate and industrial applications.

So why did ArmorGalv choose Viking Plastics?  Because Viking has a solid reputation for the fabrication of custom, made to measure products.  At Viking Plastics, we work with our customers to meet their specifications.  Says Clive Jones, General Manager, ArmorGalv, “From the initial discussions through to adding details and making additions along the way, I found Viking to be very easy to work with. They were punctual and the product arrived completed as requested and a quality outcome. Thanks to the team.”

Fabricated in Melbourne, Viking Plastics’ products are available for delivery Australia wide.

Have a custom project? You can request a quote, or call Viking Plastics on 03 9587 2297. We always say “yes”!