A pump tank is required when:

  • the output pipe of the trade waste tank is below the level of the sewer entry pipe
  • the kitchen waste pipe is lower than the waste tank inlet pipe
Pump tank with submersible pump

Common situations include:  a restaurant’s trade waste tank (grease trap) is located below the level of the sewer; an automotive workshop that has an above ground petrol and oil interceptor and the contaminated waste water needs to be pumped up to it.

A pump tank would ideally be fitted with multiple pumps and include features such as quick-release camlock connectors, non-return valves, high-level alarms, and pre-wired control station junction box.

What size pump tank will my business need?

The size, or capacity, of the pump tank and configuration of pipe nozzles is matched to the volume of waste water flow and the trade waste tank.  Submersible pump selection is also made according to the particular application or duty required.  Please note: pumps are sold separately.  Your plumber will be able to advise you of the most appropriate size tank for your application.

Capacity:     Pump Tanks: 90 litres – 700 litres

  • inside-custom-made-tank-multiple-pumps
    Custom tank with multiple pumps

    Larger capacity tanks are available by special order

  • Where there are space limitations, an equivalent capacity pump tank can be custom made to fit the available space


Pump Tanks
(Above and Below Ground)


  • Suitable for above ground or below ground installations
  • Fitted with inlet, outlet and vent plain pipe nozzles
  • Pipe fittings are fully welded for superior seals
  • Circular, quick release, air-tight, access cover provides easy access for tank cleaning
  • Can be fitted with multiple pumps and include features such as quick-release camlock connectors, non-return valves, high-level alarms and pre-wired control station junction box.
Thin skin pump tank

Construction Options

Thin Skin Pump Tanks

  • Fabricated from PVC or 6mm polypropylene for above and below ground installations
  • Tanks above 250 litres are fitted with an external 50x50mm galvanised steel tube support frame for long lasting sturdiness

Paneltim® Pump Tanks

  • Paneltim® is an innovative 50mm thick, dual skin, sandwich panel with an internal cross-rib cell structure that offers sufficient strength and rigidity to be selfsupporting
    Paneltim® pump tank

    avoiding the need for an external steel support frame

  • Paneltim® tanks are a cost competitive alternative to thin skin tanks as they offer faster and lower cost below ground installation due to the superior strength and rigidity of Paneltim® that avoids the need for poured concrete reinforcement
  • Paneltim® tanks can be backfilled with crushed rock or stabilised sand
  • Paneltim® is UV stabilised for long life

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