• Dental lab and dental office under sink/bench areas

Product Description

dental plaster trap
Viking Plastics’ dental plaster trap

The dental plaster trap is designed to arrest waste product such as waterborne clay, plaster and heavier than water particles in order to prevent blockage of downstream drainage pipes. Collected waste product, formed as sludge on the floor of the trap, should be removed and disposed of by whatever means is allowed in the area. Floating particles are trapped by the internal mesh basket.

Viking Plastic’s dental plaster trap is designed to fit in areas where there are space limitations. It is important to allow sufficient room above the dental plaster trap to allow removal of the screw-in access cover and for trap cleaning.

Plumbing Connections

  • 50mm Inlet
  • 65mm Outlet
  • 25mm BSP Drain & Sample nipples

Cleaning Guidelines

The dental plaster trap should be maintained regularly to ensure trouble-free service. Cleaning of the trap should be performed by a competent person. To remove the trap for cleaning, disconnect pipe connections such as barrel unions or rubber sleeve connectors.

  • Wear appropriate PPE (gloves, safety glasses, breathing mask, etc.)
  • Unscrew removable Access Cover.
  • Open drain valve to allow liquid waste to empty (into bucket for correct disposal).
  • Carefully remove the internal mesh basket and empty contents.
  • Remove waste sludge from the tank, if necessary, use a small scoop to assist.
  • Wash the interior tank walls.
  • Replace access cover and ensure drain valve is closed.



Viking’s products are fabricated in Melbourne and delivered Australia wide.

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