Grease traps are used to slow the flow of warm/hot greasy water to allow it to cool. As the water cools, grease and oil separate and float to the top, solids to settle on the bottom of the tank and the cleaner, cooler water flows out to sewer.

Above Ground Grease Traps


  • Suitable for above ground installation
  • Designed to comply with local water authority specifications
  • Pipe fittings are fully welded for superior seals
  • Fitted with 100mm inlet, outlet and vent plain pipe nozzles
  • Circular, quick release, air-tight, access covers prevent the emission of foul odours and provide quick and easy access for tank pump-outs and cleaning
  • Optional hinged lids can be supplied
above ground grease trap
Above ground grease trap with steel reinforcing and air-tight lids.



Construction Options

Paneltim® Tanks

  • Paneltim® is an innovative 50mm thick, dual skin, lightweight sandwich panel with an internal cross-rib cell structure that offers sufficient strength and rigidity.   Paneltim® tanks are
    Above ground grease trap constructed of PanelTim.

    self supporting thus an external steel support frame is not required

  • Larger tanks (above 1100 litres) are typically more economical when constructed from Paneltim® as the steel support frame is not required
  • Paneltim® is UV stabilised for long life

Thin Skin Tanks

  • Fabricated from PVC for grease traps under 250 litres. 6mm polypropylene, a more robust material, is used for grease traps over 250 litres
  • Above ground grease traps above 250 litres are fitted with an external 50x50mm galvanised steel tube support frame for long lasting sturdiness

Lid Options

Circular Screw-in Lids or Hinged Lids (Paneltim® Tanks)

  • With Paneltim® above ground grease traps, there is a choice of air-tight circular, quick release screw-in lids or Viking Plastics’ latest innovation, hinged lids
  • above ground grease interceptor
    Above ground grease interceptor with hinged lids.

    Hinged lids provide a larger opening to enable easy access for inspection, pump-outs and cleaning. Both circular screw-in lids and hinged lids provide an air-tight seal to prevent the emission of foul odours

  • Hinged lids come with gas struts to support the lid in the open position and two lockable toggle clamps to ensure an air-tight seal when closed