Australia Wide Delivery


Our products are fabricated in Melbourne, however, we regularly supply products to all parts of Australia – sometimes even to the most remote locations. We can arrange transport or use your transport company if you prefer.

Expert Advice

Our 50 years of experience in the plastic fabrication industry means we can assist you with any specialised design requirements. A large number of the products we build are specially designed or adapted to our customers’ individual needs.

On-site Measurements

There may be occasions that non-standard products are required.  When shape and dimensions are critical, we will attend the site to precisely measure the available space to ensure the manufactured tank is tailored to your precise requirements. For example, a custom made grease trap to fit under a bench or hidden within a cabinet.

On-site Fabrication


On occasions, a fully completed tank or product cannot fit through an existing building’s access points. In such a case, we can deliver the product in pre-cut pieces and complete the fabrication on site.  Click here to see how we achieved mission impossible at the Portand Hotel.

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing is a procedure where the tank is filled up with water and checked for leaks over a period of time – usually 24 hours. It is available, as an additional service, on all of the Viking Plastics’ tanks. However, due to our meticulous standard of workmanship and quality management procedures it is usually only requested on special one-off projects.

Spark Testing

Spark testing is another method of leak detection. It uses a metal strip and a spark gun to test for potential gaps in the plastic welds. It is available, as an additional service, upon request.

Repairstank serial number

We do offer a repair service. However, for most old grease traps it is often easier and more economical to renew the tank.

Warranty and Serial Numbers

All Viking Plastics trade waste tanks come with an unique serial number. The serial number is very useful in tracking the manufacturing process of the tank and maintaining a maintenance history. All Viking Plastics tanks come with a five year warranty. If needed, the serial number is used to service consumer warranties.