• self-watering garden beds used in residential, commercial and industrial construction
Wicking beds
Wicking Bed

In simple terms, wicking beds are over-sized self-watering pots.  Instead of watering plants from above, wicking beds water plants from below. They are containers that have a water reservoir at the bottom and moisture is drawn upwards through the soil like a wick via osmosis. A wick works through capillary action – the same force you see when a piece of tissue paper is partially dipped into a glass of water and the water “climbs” the paper. This process allows plants to decide how much water to use and when. This also substantially reduces the amount of time the bed needs watering.


Viking Plastics utilises Paneltim® to fabricate above ground and below ground wicking beds to any dimension. Paneltim® is a 50mm dual skin plastic construction panel with superior strength and rigidity due to its cross-ribbed internal structure. The panels are easy to weld into any dimension using buttwelder, hot air or extrusion welders. Paneltim® is UV stabilised, has excellent thermal & biosecurity properties, chemical resistant and, easy to clean.

Small below ground wicking beds are fabricated using robust 6mm polypropylene.

Decorative metal cladding supplied by Metrix Group


Viking Plastic’s above ground wicking beds may be clad in a variety of finishes including timber, pressed or perforated metal panels, decorative contact adhesive, or render.

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Fabricated in Melbourne, Viking Plastics’ products are available for delivery Australia wide.

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