• Gravity fed water system

A header tank is a reservoir containing water that is installed at a higher level than a main tank.  A header tank is used to maintain water gravity feed to the main tank.

Product Information

Viking Plastics offers hot water header tanks manufactured from Polypropylene or High Density Polyethylene.   The plastic used in the manufacture of the tanks is suitable for drinking water.

Viking’s plastic hot water header tank is the solution for replacing old copper or galvanised steel header tanks.  Viking header tanks are suitable for installation within a roof cavity or on the roof of buildings.  The plastic material used for Viking’s tanks is UV stabilised and will last for many years. Viking Plastics’ can also custom manufacture header tanks to suit intended applications.

All Viking header tanks are fitted with a 1/2″ BSPF socket for connection to the water supply.  A float value is fitted inside the tank.  Access to the float valve is via a screw-in lid at the top of the tank.  It is important to ensure the pump float moves freely and operates correctly. The discharge is a 1″ BSPF socket (gate value to be supplied by the installer). Overflow is 40mm.

hot water header tank
Viking Plastics’ header tank

Standard sizes include:

70L 450mm diameter x 550mm high
170L 600mm diameter x 700mm high
330L 750mm diameter x 850mm high
570L 900mm diameter x 1000mm high


Additional sizes available on request.

Plumbing Connections

Typical pipe connection

1/2″ BSPF Inlet (for water supply – or as requested)
1″ BSPF Outlet
40mm Overflow spigot

  • The tank must be installed on a level base, strong enough to support the weight of the tank when full.
  • It is recommend to install a safe tray under the header tank.

Australia Wide Delivery

Fabricated in Melbourne, Viking Plastics’ products are available for delivery Australia wide.

For further information you can request a quotedownload a spec sheet or call Viking Plastics on 03 9587 2297.