• Paint and plaster washout at commercial job sites

Viking Plastics’ mobile paint wash station is designed for both paint and plaster collection and washout facilities at commercial job sites.

The mobile paint wash station can be moved around a commercial building job site, or to other sites, for washing out paint brushes and rollers and capturing paint and plaster debris before the trade waste water is released to the sewer.


Mobile paint wash station
Viking Plastics Mobile paint wash station

This eco-friendly product is fabricated using Paneltim® plastic construction panels. Due its dual skin, Paneltim® sandwich panels are virtually puncture proof. Combined with an internal 50mm cross-rib structure, Paneltim® tanks display exceptional rigidity and strength. This makes them ideal for the rough handling they will receive on a building site.

Viking’s mobile wash station has a removable trough section with a drain point that sits on top of the main tank. The lower main tank is baffled to capture both plaster and paint. As the water works through the baffles, heavy particles sink to the bottom resulting in cleaner water exiting the outlet to the sewer.

Removable wash trough
Removable wash trough

With a removable top trough, the lower tank is easy to clean and has a 25mm drain point.

Paneltim® lugs underneath the mobile wash tank allow the whole unit to be easily transported via forklift or by use on a sling. It is recommended to empty the tanks before moving them around or between job sites.

Mobile wash tank internal baffles

The pictures show a custom-built mobile paint wash station recently commissioned by Hutchinson Builders in Queensland.  The wash station is 1150mm long x 600mm wide x 1150mm high providing a 300 litre capacity tank. Viking Plastics are specialist in custom made tanks and manufacture to client specifications.

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