18000 Litre Grease Trap

Lightweight 18000 Litre Grease Trap

Viking Plastics recently manufactured an 18000 litre grease trap for a food processor in Campbellfield, Victoria.

Fabricated for below ground installation, the tank was particularly deep to line up with existing pipe-work 1600mm below surface level.  Access to the tank is via three 600mm diameter cast iron access covers.  The tank was installed in the loading dock area under a driveway and covered with a thick concrete slab.

Viking Plastics was the manufacturer of choice for this 18000 litre grease trap. Key factors included:

  • the expertise to fabricate a bespoke tank to exact tolerances;
  • timeliness – being able to manufacture and deliver within two weeks of order; and
  • Viking’s plastic tanks weigh a fraction of similar sized concrete tanks.

Viking’s innovative Paneltim plastic, dual-skin sandwich panels were used to fabricate this large tank.  At 50mm thick, the panels have an internal cross-rib cell structure. This results in panels that are lightweight with superior strength and rigidity.  Paneltim tanks are ideal for oversize, below ground installations.

The Paneltim tank weighed only 980 kgs.  This provided considerable savings compared to installing an alternate 18 ton concrete tank.  A special crane was not required. The Paneltim tank was lowered directly into the excavated hole via the jib crane fitted on the delivery truck.

Viking Plastics has over 50 years experience in the fabrication of plastic trade waste tanks.  Have a bespoke application you’d like to discuss?  Request a quote or call Viking Plastics on 03 9587 2297.

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