• Restaurants, fast food outlets and coffee shops

wheelie bin wash bayMany water authorities require a bin wash bay to be installed in commercial premises such as restaurants, fast food outlets and coffee shops.  This is because dirty bins need to be washed out so any greasy waste can be collected in a grease trap (also known as a grease interceptor).

Empty wheelie bins are placed upside down in the wash bay.  The external tap is turned on, water sprays up into the bin and the waste is washed from inside the wheelie bin.  The waste water flows from the bin wash bay’s 50mm outlet to a connected grease trap.


wheelie bin wash bay
Viking Plastics Wheelie Bin Wash Bay

Viking Plastics’ bin wash bays are non-mechanical and designed to be mounted on an exterior wall, close to ground level.  Pre-drilled holes in the surrounding flange facilitate ease of installation. The bay is fitted with an internal water spray nozzle.  Water is supplied via a 15mm water pipe with a stop tap fitted.  The water connection can be either be hot or cold.

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