Curved Planter Box Liners

Viking Plastics is a specialist in the custom fabrication of curved planter box liners.

In 2017, Pt Leo Estate opened its doors.  Designed by Melbourne-based Jolson architects, the estate includes a winery, two restaurants, rooftop terrace and a sculpture park on a sprawling 50-acre site along the rugged Mornington Peninsula coast. Viking Plastics was engaged to custom fabricate curved planter box liners for the rooftop terrace. The liners were placed inside steel frames. Each planter box liner had its own drainage outlet.

VIking utilises 6mm thick polyethylene for the fabrication of its liners. This material is also suitable as a pond liner.

Viking Plastics works closely with architects, landscape designers and builders to manufacture liners to individual specifications.

Viking also fabricates a range of garden planters recommend for water sensitive urban design. Products include: planter boxes, rain gardens, wicking beds, screen planters and planter box water tanks.

Have an idea, or a project you’d like to discuss. Viking offers free advice and free quotes. We look forward to talking with you.

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Curved planter box liner
Curved planter box liner – Pt Leo Estate
Planter box liner
Planter box liner showing water outlet
Arial view of Pt Leo Estate showing rooftop terrace curved planter boxes