For more than 50 years, Viking Plastics has supplied the plumbing, industrial and educational markets with high quality plastics products matched by our great customer service.

Viking Plastics’ modern factory in Braeside, Victoria

Viking Plastics is an Australian specialist plastics fabricator that provides grease traps, trade waste tanks, large industrial tanks, planter boxes and liners, aquaculture tanks and custom designed products as well as supplying fume exhaust fans and ventilation ducting and fittings for fume extraction.

Latest Innovation – Paneltim®

Viking Plastics has led the plastic fabrication industry with research and development to improve our products. Our latest innovation is the use of Paneltim® in the construction of our grease traps, pump tanks and custom made tanks.

Paneltim® is a 50mm thick sandwich panel with a strong internal cellular structure which results in a lightweight yet very rigid panel in both length and width. Due to the superior strength of the internal structure, fabrications made from Paneltim® sandwich panels require less reinforcement compared with thin skin tanks.

This means below ground grease traps and pump tanks constructed from Paneltim® are ordinarily strong enough not to need concrete reinforcing. They can simply be back filled with crushed rock or stabilised sand resulting in a faster and less costly installation.

3,000 litre above ground grease trap constructed of Paneltim®

Paneltim® is also more cost effective for larger above ground grease traps (2,000 litres and above) as its superior strength avoids the need for external steel reinforcing.

Furthermore, Paneltim® also offers exceptional thermal and acoustic insulating properties, is robust and corrosion resistant. With two 4-metre CNC controlled butt-welding machines, Viking Plastics can fabricate tanks from Paneltim® to almost unlimited dimensions.

Our History

Viking Plastics, a former division of Humes Limited, was the originator of plastic fabrication for industrial purposes in the 1960s.

When the Viking Plastics division was sold off in the late seventies, it was purchased by then General Manager, Ken Brumby, and has been operated as a family company since that time.

Viking Plastics Today

Viking Plastics is an Australian owned family business run via best practice principles with a friendly, down to earth approach.

Viking Plastics has prospered and continued to grow over the years and is now located in a modern, well equipped, 2600 square metre facility with CAD and CNC machinery in Melbourne’s south east suburb of Braeside.

Viking Plastics remains a leader in plastic fabrication industry through its commitment to providing our customers with continuous innovation for better performing, superior quality products, expert advice and responsive service.

Guaranteed High Quality Products

All of our products are built meticulously by our team of DVS qualified fabricators, using only prime quality plastics to ensure we provide you with a high quality, professional product.

Customised to Your Requirements

We are able to assist you design and build customised products to suit your exact requirements and individual needs.

Responsive Customer Service and Advice

At Viking Plastics we pride ourselves on being easy to do business with. We always provide reliable and responsive customer service and expert advice.

Fast Turnaround Times

We can offer fast turnaround times without compromising quality due to our well equipped facility, skilled fabricators and quality work flow procedures.

Locally Made- Australia-wide supply

Our grease traps, trade waste tanks, industrial tanks, custom made products and fume cupboards are locally made in our modern, well equipped facility located in Braeside, Melbourne. We regularly supply our products to locations all over Australia – even to the most remote locations.


Viking Plastics is playing its part to help the environment. Viking Plastics sells all of its plastic off-cuts to a plastic recycling company for them to be recycled into other plastic products. We also use recycled plastic for the top black cover on our above ground grease traps.

Terms of Sale

For Viking Plastics’ complete terms of sale, please download the following PDF file: Viking Plastics’ Terms of Sale