Large Outdoor Planters

Large Outdoor Planters Download brochure Viking Plastics specialise in the manufacture of large outdoor planters. Whatever your landscaping needs, Viking will custom fabricate planters to almost any size. Utilising innovative Paneltim® plastic construction panels, Viking’s planters have an unlimited life span that will long outlive metal and concrete alternatives. Often large outdoor planters are heavy to handle. This results in new construction needing additional reinforcement … Continued

Rain Garden Regulations

Rain Garden Regulations Many local government authorities now have Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Policies for new developments including rain garden regulations. These WSUD policies are designed to promote re-use of stormwater, reduce the effect of heavy stormwater flow and reduce the entry of pollutants into stormwater run-off. What is a Rain Garden? A rain garden is a garden bed or planter that receives water … Continued

Commercial Planter Boxes

Viking Plastics specialises in the bespoke fabrication of commercial planter boxes and liners. Whether the project is providing green facades to buildings or carparks, balcony gardens to large apartment complexes, or raingardens and wicking beds, Viking Plastics will work with you to develop sustainable and custom solutions. At Viking Plastics, we pride ourselves in our ability to manufacture commercial planter boxes to the diverse specifications … Continued

Custom Commercial Planters

Viking Plastics specialise in the fabrication of custom commercial planters. Our range of planters include: plastic planter boxes & liners rain gardens & rain garden liners wicking beds screen planters, and planter box water tanks Viking utilises different plastics and cladding for our custom commercial planters.  Our planter and rain garden liners are manufactured using 6mm polyethylene.  Paneltim®, a 50mm plastic construction panel is used … Continued

School Planter Boxes

School Planter Boxes When choosing school planter boxes, functionality, durability and UV stabilisation need to be considered. Viking Plastics are specialists in the fabrication of custom-made plastic planter boxes.  Viking’s products are environmentally friendly with an unlimited lifespan and being recyclable.  School planter boxes can be manufactured to (virtually) any shape or dimension. Importantly plastics are free of toxins and safe for use with drinking … Continued

Grease Trap Price

Looking for a competitive grease trap price? Each grease trap price is dependent on a number of variables.  These variables include: the location of the installation within Australia, capacity required, standard or custom application and construction materials. Location within Australia Water authorities throughout Australia have stipulated specific design specifications for grease traps used in their area. Designs do vary from region to region therefore the … Continued

Why use an Under Sink Grease Trap?

 Under Sink Grease Trap: A domestic under sink grease trap has a capacity of between 45-50 litres.  Viking Plastics under sink traps are installed in domestic kitchens inline between the kitchen sink and the sewer.  The trap is used to slow the flow of hot greasy water.  By slowing water the flow of water the water cools.  As the water cools, grease and oil to float to the surface … Continued

Portable Grease Trap

Portable Grease Trap: Looking for a portable grease trap?  Depending on your requirements, Viking Plastics has portable grease traps for sale and hire in a variety of sizes. Water Authorities do not allow greasy waste water to be poured on the ground or sent directly to a sewer from a sink.  Viking Plastics grease traps enable easy collection of waste water, relocation and servicing. Easily … Continued

Grease Traps for Sale

Grease Traps for Sale: Viking Plastics has a vast selection of grease traps for sale.  Standard sizes range from 45 litres to 10,000 litres.  Viking Plastics can also custom fabricate grease traps to your specifications. Grease traps are typically used in kitchens and food preparation areas.  Each grease trap comes with a number of internal baffles that slow the flow of hot greasy water.  Slowing … Continued

Custom Plastic Tanks

Custom Plastic Tanks: Viking Plastics is an industry leader in fabricating custom plastic tanks.  In fact, every product is meticulously built to the highest standards by Viking’s team of DVS qualified fabricators. Viking utilises prime quality PVC, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) plastic.  In addition, Viking use Paneltim, an innovative 50mm thick, dual skin sandwich panel.  Because Paneltim has an internal cross-rib cell structure, it has superior … Continued