Grease Trap Price

Looking for a competitive grease trap price? Each grease trap price is dependent on a number of variables.  These variables include: the location of the installation within Australia, capacity required, standard or custom application and construction materials. Location within Australia Water authorities throughout Australia have stipulated specific design specifications for grease traps used in their area. Designs do vary from region to region therefore the … Continued

Why use an Under Sink Grease Trap?

 Under Sink Grease Trap: A domestic under sink grease trap has a capacity of between 45-50 litres.  Viking Plastics under sink traps are installed in domestic kitchens inline between the kitchen sink and the sewer.  The trap is used to slow the flow of hot greasy water.  By slowing water the flow of water the water cools.  As the water cools, grease and oil to float to the surface … Continued

Portable Grease Trap

Portable Grease Trap: Looking for a portable grease trap?  Depending on your requirements, Viking Plastics has portable grease traps for sale and hire in a variety of sizes. Water Authorities do not allow greasy waste water to be poured on the ground or sent directly to a sewer from a sink.  Viking Plastics grease traps enable easy collection of waste water, relocation and servicing. Easily … Continued

Grease Traps for Sale

Grease Traps for Sale: Viking Plastics has a vast selection of grease traps for sale.  Standard sizes range from 45 litres to 10,000 litres.  Viking Plastics can also custom fabricate grease traps to your specifications. Grease traps are typically used in kitchens and food preparation areas.  Each grease trap comes with a number of internal baffles that slow the flow of hot greasy water.  Slowing … Continued

Custom Plastic Tanks

Custom Plastic Tanks: Viking Plastics is an industry leader in fabricating custom plastic tanks.  In fact, every product is meticulously built to the highest standards by Viking’s team of DVS qualified fabricators. Viking utilises prime quality PVC, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) plastic.  In addition, Viking use Paneltim, an innovative 50mm thick, dual skin sandwich panel.  Because Paneltim has an internal cross-rib cell structure, it has superior … Continued

Plastic Grease Trap

Plastic Grease Trap: As leaders in the industry, a plastic grease trap from Viking Plastics is meticulously manufactured to the highest standards.. Viking Plastics has been fabricating plastic grease traps for over 50 years. Viking’s grease traps are made from polyethylene and other poly materials for increased efficiency and durability – particularly when placed in heavy use.  Plastic grease traps have increased longevity as they do … Continued

Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap

Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap: If you manage a retail food business or restaurant, you’ll need a commercial kitchen grease trap. This is because food outlets produce waste, such as cooking oil, grease and food solids.  Waste discharged directly into our sewers can cause: blockages and overflows overload wastewater treatment plants, and cause major pollution problems in our rivers and on our beaches. If you cook … Continued

Grease Trap Sizing

Grease Trap Sizing: What size grease trap will my business need? Grease trap sizing and design criteria is set by the local water authority in each state and territory of Australia.  Thus, grease trap sizing and design will vary from region to region. Not all trade waste waste tanks need to be made to an approved design. Grease traps are different from other trade waste tanks … Continued

Grease Trap Regulations

Grease trap regulations are overseen by the water authorities governing the different states, territories, urban and rural areas with Australia.  In larger metropolitan cities, water supply companies oversee grease trap regulations.  In rural areas, regulation is overseen by local councils. Before discharging trade waste to a sewer, a trade waste agreement with the local water authority is required. Australian metropolitan water authorities include: Melbourne: City West Water; … Continued

Grease Trap Suppliers Sydney

Grease Trap Suppliers Sydney: Looking for grease trap suppliers Sydney?  Viking Plastics supplies grease traps and trade waste tanks to all states and territories of Australia – even to the most remote locations. Viking Plastics’ products can be ordered through major merchants like Reece Plumbing and Tradelink. Alternatively, call Viking Plastics directly on 03 9587 2297.  Viking can supply standard above ground and below ground … Continued