• Dewatering
  • Sediment control
  • Maintaining sediment basins

A portable sedimentation tank is a compartmented tank used to pump through sediment laden water. The tank separates, traps and retains soil and sediment allowing clear water to be pumped to general stormwater, adjoining properties, and rights-of-way below the sediment-tank site.

Portable sedimentation tanks are used where an excavation extends below the seasonal high water table (requiring a sump pump) or on sites where excavations are deep and space is limited (urban construction).

The removal of sediment from watercourses is an environmentally friendly control. Preventing the discharge of oils, fuels, silts, and or dirty water complies with local government and EPA regulations.


portable sedimentation tank
Viking Plastics 5,000 litre portable sedimentation tank

A Viking Plastics’ portable sedimentation tank is available in either 3,000 litre or 5,000 litre capacity. Custom capacity tanks made to order.

The overall external size for the 5,000 litre tank pictured is 3150mm Long x 1630mm Wide x 1400mm High.

The tanks are constructed using 50mm thick white Paneltim® Polypropylene construction panels. Interior baffles allow water to pass freely through the tank whilst trapping heavy sediment.

Product Features

  • Lightweight for easy of mobility
  • 4 x lifting lugs for easy transportation on and between job sites
  • Fully removable Paneltim® lid for ease of cleaning out sludge
  • Quick release toggles for ease of lid removal

Australia Wide Delivery

Fabricated in Melbourne, Viking Plastics’ products are available for delivery Australia wide.

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