Vast Range

Our vast range of manufactured polymer chemical resistant ducting and fittings virtually eliminate the need for customised fabrication.

Our extensive range of ventilation ducting include all of the normal arrangements such as junctions, bends, branches, reducers, dampers and the like are far more economical than fabricated fittings. Pre-made ducting and fittings are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 75mm to 400mm. Ducting up to 600mm is fabricated locally from sheet plastic material.

HoKa ducting and fittings are made in Germany using patented precision manufacturing processes to guarantee dimensional accuracy. To facilitate easy installation, each fitting is moulded with joining collars on all openings.

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Any Diameter and Airflow Requirement

Viking Plastics supplies a complete range of HoKa moulded plastic ventilation duct and fittings with any diameter up to 600mmm and air flow requirement up to 10,000m³/hr.

Advantages of Polymers

Chemical resistant ducting and fittings are available in a range of polymer types: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high density polyethylene (HDPE), anti-static polypropylene (PPs), and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) for excellent corrosion resistance. As well as their anti-corrosive characteristics, they have a high degree of mechanical strength to weight ratio which markedly reduces installation costs. The plastics’ smooth surface resists the accumulation of solids, is easy to clean and keeps friction loss to a minimum.

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Customisation when Required

Custom fabricated ducting and fittings are also available. Plastics have a high degree of workability, which allows additions, customisation and maintenance to be easily carried out. Circular ductwork is the most efficient in both the means of air transfer and cost of manufacture. However, square and rectangular ducting, can be produced with the advantage of being able to maximise the available air flow in situations where space is tight.

PVC duct and fittings can be joined by solvent welding whilst the joining of other materials (PP, HDPE, PPs, & PVDF) are joined by plastic welding.