Revolutionise Your Kitchen with the Benefits of an Automatic Grease Trap

Grease Raider Automatic Grease Trap It’s time to embrace a game-changing technology in the foodservice industry – the automatic grease trap. If you’re tired of dealing with grease-related kitchen problems, from clogs to costly clean-ups then this article is for you! It will explain the key benefits of implementing a Viking Grease Raider automatic grease trap in your kitchen. Download brochure 1.      Enhanced Efficiency Continuous … Continued

Viking Tanks with Resealable Lids are the “in thing”

Thought we’d share some great feedback re Viking tanks received from Hayden Ivers at Ivers Liquid Waste… “Gidday Joe, just letting you know that we have run Grease Trap Cleaning Service for about 45 years, and you can imagine what we have seen in that time. The best thing that has happened over time in cleaning is the Viking waste tanks. There has been plenty … Continued

Viking Plastics’ Factory Welcomes Visitors

Viking Plastics has a COVID safe plan and welcomes visitors to view our range of products and materials. By arrangement, visitors can view our fabrication process. This proves really beneficial when brainstorming design and fabrication options. As Viking specialises in custom orders, we value the opportunity to view plans and talk through the specifications of each project. Email or call 03 9587 2297 to arrange … Continued

Grease Trap Installation Training Aid

The Army College of TAFE (ACOT) was recently gifted a Viking Plastics tank so plumbing apprentices could practice below ground grease trap installation. Just prior to World War Two the Australian Army introduced training for Army Workshop Apprentices in the trade of fitting. In 1972, apprenticeships in Plumbing and Gas Fitting was introduced. Across the years, graduates of the Army Apprentice Scheme have been credited … Continued

Custom Planter Boxes

Viking Plastics is pleased to announce we now fabricate and supply custom planter boxes and liners for residential and commercial landscaping. Viking’s custom planter boxes are fabricated using Paneltim® plastic sandwich construction panels. Liners for planter boxes and ponds are fabricated using 6mm thick polyethylene. Viking’s plastic planter boxes are a lightweight alternative to concrete or steel constructions. Viking planters are custom made to any … Continued

Mosquito Rearing Tray

Viking Plastics has recently assisted the World Mosquito Program in the development of a mosquito rearing tray. World Mosquito Program The World Mosquito Program (WMP) is a not-for-profit organisation based at Monash University.  WMP works to protect the global community from deadly mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, dengue and chikungunya. Pioneered by Australian researchers, the WMP is a mass-breeding program that introduces safe and natural … Continued

Custom Plastic Fabrication

Custom Plastic Fabrication: Viking Plastics is an industry leader in custom plastic fabrication. With over 50 years experience, Viking provides world class customised products for specialised applications. When shape and dimensions are critical, Viking Plastics will attend the site to precisely measure the available space to ensure the manufactured tank is tailored to the client’s precise specifications. Specialising in trade waste tanks, Viking use a range … Continued

Grease Trap Hire

Grease Trap Hire: So what did Viking Plastics serve up at this year’s Australian Open? Almost as slick at Federer’s serve were Viking’s portable grease traps! Available for hire, Vikings’ grease traps provided the waste solution for the numerous pop up food vendors and dining marquee installations at this international event. Available in 250, 600, 1100 and 2,500 litre capacity tanks, hire includes delivery, pick-up … Continued

Bespoke Plastic Fabrication

Viking Plastics – an industry leader in bespoke plastic fabrication With over 50 years of expertise, Viking Plastics provides world class bespoke plastic fabrication for all types of specialised applications. Every product is meticulously built to the highest standards by Viking’s team of DVS qualified fabricators. “A large number of the products we build are specially designed or adapted to our customers’ individual needs. Our … Continued

Paneltim Grease Arrestor Approved by Water Corporation

Paneltim Grease Arrestor: Water Corporation has approved Viking Plastics’ Paneltim grease arrestor tanks for sizes up to and including 10,000 litres. Water Corporation is the Western Australia Water Authority. Viking had previously received approval from Water Corp for tanks ranging from 540 litres to 2,000 litres.  Viking Plastics is pleased to announce the approval now extends to  tanks up to 10,000 litre capacity.  This includes above and … Continued