• Paint depots
  • Process and industrial plants
  • School art rooms
Paint Collection Tank (shown without lid)

A paint collection tank is designed for the collection of acrylic and oil based paint residue as well as solvents. This tank is really two tanks in one. The first ‘tank’ is partitioned with a series of baffles and pipes specifically arranged to slow the flow of waste water to allow the heavier-than-water paint particles to sink to the bottom. The second ‘tank’ collects solvents on the top of the water and cleaner water flows out to sewer.

The collected paint residue will need to be cleaned from the tank periodically and the solvents drained periodically and disposed of as directed by local authorities.

What size Paint Collection Tank will my business need?

The most common capacity of a paint collection tank is 72 litres. This is ideal for most applications, however, the appropriate size, or capacity, tank will be nominated by your local water authority under your trade waste agreement. You will need to contact your local water authority so they can determine the capacity applicable to your application. To find your local water authority, click here.

Capacity: 72 litres

Above Ground Paint CollectionTank

  • Fabricated from 6mm polypropylene (PP) for above ground installations
  • Supplied with 100mm inlet pipe and outlet pipe and a drain port
  • Pipe fittings are fully welded for superior seals
  • Supplied with a loose fitting lid for easy access for cleaning

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