Domestic Grease Trap

A domestic grease trap collects greasy water from a domestic kitchen.  An outlet baffle within the trap prevents greasy waste from being discharged. This is because the baffle slows the flow of water to allow fats and oils float to the surface so cleaner water can discharge to the septic tank or sewer.  Food scraps and particles sink to the bottom of the grease trap.  This means the trap will need to cleaned manually by a competent person.

A Viking Plastics grease trap will safely trap waste and contaminants like food scraps, hair and grease from entering your septic tank or Aerated Water Treatment System (AWTS).

Key features of a Viking Plastics grease trap include:

  • designed and manufactured to comply with the trade waste requirements of Australian Local Water Authorities
  • made from PVC
  • available for above or below ground installations.
domestic grease trap
Viking Plastics’ 45 Litre above ground domestic grease trap

Installation Options

The grease trap is installed in-line between the kitchen sink and the sewer or septic tank.  Viking Plastics domestic grease traps are available for above ground (under the sink) and below ground installations.  If installed below ground, the grease trap must not be subjected to any vehicle traffic.