Large Capacity Grease Trap Case Study

Large Capacity Grease Trap:

Viking Plastics recently fabricated a 20,000 litre large capacity grease trap for Bayside Shopping Centre, Frankston, Victoria.  This was the largest capacity grease trap Viking has manufactured – the previous being a 13,000 litre tank for Chobani.

Bayside Shopping Centre worked with Viking Plastics to upgrade their trade waste system.  Viking’s 20,000 litre tank will service the Centre’s large food court and replace several smaller grease traps (food and oil interceptors) – some of which were only a few years old.  The Centre’s previous grease traps were poorly constructed.  Some had external steel frames that had rusted causing the tank walls to seriously deform and bow.

large capacity grease trap
Viking Plastics’ large capacity grease trap in situ

Viking Plastics has the experience and expertise to custom fabricate plastic grease traps to any custom size – large or small. Viking Plastics utilises Paneltim®, an innovative 50mm thick, dual skin plastic sandwich panel.  Paneltim® has an internal cross-rib cell structure that is lightweight yet offers superior strength and rigidity in both length and width.  As a result, Paneltim® large capacity grease traps do not need an external steel support frame.  Paneltim® can be fusion welded to manufacture very large tanks utilising computer controlled CNC butt welding machines.

As the industry leader in plastic trade waste tank fabrication, all Viking Plastic’s trade waste tanks are designed to provide reliable service for many decades.

In conclusion, Viking Plastics worked closely with the plumber, centre management, local water authority and the Trade plumbing store to custom fabricate this large capacity grease trap in Viking’s modern Braeside factory which was transported to site on time.

IMG_1859IMG_186120,000lt GT 3 20,000lt GT 1 20,000lt GT 2