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Custom Swimming Pool Accessories

Viking Plastics fabricate and supply custom swimming pool accessories to almost any dimension and specification.


Regeneration Zone Tanks


A Regeneration Zone Tank is designed to act as a filter for natural swimming ponds/pools. A natural swimming pool is a chemical-free pool that uses nature to filter out harmful microorganisms. The pool has two distinct parts: the swimming area and a regeneration zone that features all types of plants that feed hydroponically on the water. The regeneration zone tank can be installed adjacent to the pool or in a nearby part of the yard.

Paneltim regeneration zone and swimming area tanks

The regeneration zone tank is filled with plant life. The plants act as a natural filter and can also be used with a special pump for water filtration. Water always flows around the plant life, preventing unwanted organic material from growing in the area. Viking’s regeneration zone tanks are fabricated using Paneltim® plastic construction panels. Paneltim is UV stabilised with excellent thermal and biosecurity properties. Regeneration zone tanks are manufactured to customer specifications.

Viking Plastics' Swimming Pool Balance Tank
Swimming Pool Balance Tank

Balance Tanks

Balance Tanks are designed to store excess water generated from the displacement of swimmer’s bodies. A pool with a balance tank maintains a constant depth regardless of how many people are in the pool. A balance tank is a temporary holding vessel that enables a swimming pool to maintain a constant water level – essential for infinity horizon pools. Viking’s balance tanks are manufactured using Paneltim® plastic construction panels.

Multi Drum Bund


Multi Drum Bunds and Open Tray Bunds are designed to capture spillage of chemicals, such as chlorine, should they leak from their original containment vessel. Bunds help to prevent chemical spills that could cause damage to the environment and people. Viking uses high density polyethelyne, PVC or Paneltim® to manufacture bunds.

Open Tray Bund fabricated using Paneltim®

Paneltim® is an innovative 50mm thick, dual skin sandwich panel with an internal cross-rib cell structure that is light weight yet offers superior strength and rigidity in both length and width. The panels are chemical resistant and easy to weld into any dimension using butt welder, hot air or extrusion welders.

Skimmer Boxes

Viking Plastics' Custom Swimming Pool Accessories - Skimmer Box
Skimmer Box

Skimmer Boxes are designed to trap and filter out debris like leaves. Manufactured using PVC, Viking’s skimmer boxes are made to suit customer requirements and are sized to suit the pool pump flow rates.

Australia Wide Delivery

All Viking Plastics’ products are fabricated in their modern, well equipped facility located in Braeside, Melbourne, and supplied across Australia. Furthermore, Viking Plastics supply a full range of standard grease traps, trade waste tanks, planter boxes, liners and garden tanks, chemical resistant fume exhaust fans and, ventilation ducting and fittings for fume extraction.

Got a project that requires custom plastic fabrication?  There’s a good chance Viking will say “yes” and be the manufacturer you’re looking for.

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