Chemical Resistant Exhaust Fan

Plastic is recognised as the most suitable material to use in constructing chemical exhaust fans to handle the most demanding environments with corrosive fumes and volatile gases. Viking Plastics’ chemical exhaust fans are manufactured from polypropylene (PP) and thus have superior anti-corrosion and chemical resistance qualities. They are robust in construction and guaranteed to provide many years of trouble-free, energy efficient and economical performance.

Viking’s chemical exhaust fans conform to global standards, have an open and flexible drive platform and are simple to configure and operate. Viking Plastics supplies sizes ranging from a small 0.05kW (100m³/h) fan right up to an impressive 7.5kW, 1000mm diameter unit with a volume flow rate over 10,000m³/h.

chemical fume exhaust fan
Chemical fume exhaust fan with exhaust ducting located on a rooftop.


Advanced Features

Fan Casings

  • Casing is constructed from anti-corrosive and chemical resistant thermoplastic such as polypropylene or glass reinforced plastic to withstand the corrosive action of almost all chemicals.
  • True volute form casing and high efficiency inlet cone provide an even distribution of air for increased aerodynamic performance, quieter operation and lower running costs.
  • Smooth interior surface reduces friction loss to minimum for economical operation to lower running costs


  • Radial tip backward-curve impellers are single inlet, single width which offer excellent aerodynamic performance for economical use and low noise levels
  • Precision plastic injection moulded impellers with a cast-in metal hub and mechanically welded to the highest quality standards for excellent efficiency and trouble free operation
  • Hubs are designed for use with taper-bushes and made of high-grade cast plates to guarantee their reliability at high peripheral speeds


  • Available with either single phase (230V) or three phase (415V) motors.
  • All motors are Totally Enclosed and Fan Cooled (TEFC) and come with an ingress protection rating of IP55 (optional upgrades are available)
  • Shower-proof cover protects the fan motor from direct weather exposure with larger fan sizes being supplied with pre-fitted with a weather-proof electrical isolator switch

Bases and Servicing

  • Fan bases and support stands are manufactured from heavy gauge steel, either zinc plated or stainless steel
  • Light weight construction means minimum supporting structure is required
  • Design of the support stand allows rotation of the fan casing to achieve different discharge directions
  • Plastic injection moulded back-plate can be easily removed for servicing or to change the rotation

Other Options

  • Impellers can be made from thermoplastic material blended with composites for high temperature, flame retardant, ultraviolet or electrostatic discharge protection
  • TEFC motors can be upgraded to IP56, IP66 or IP66 in stainless steel upon request
  • Explosion proof motors can be supplied upon request
  • Belt drive fans can be produced upon request


  • Anti-vibration rubber mounts
  • Condensate water drain nipple
  • Shower-proof motor cover
  • Inlet/Outlet flexible connection sleeves, flanges and duct connections options
  • Adjustable pitch roof brackets and mounting options
  • Speed control phase inverters