5000 Litre Grease Traps: MetCentre Food Court

Viking Plastics has recently fabricated and supplied four (4) above-ground 5000 litre grease traps to service the newly renovated food court at Sydney’s MetCentre.

The MetCentre food court is home to casual dining stores and restaurants, featuring a wide selection of international cuisines. The MetCentre restaurants all produce fatty waste that enters drains from sinks used for food preparation. The 5000 litre grease traps will intercept greases and solids before they enter the wastewater system. This results in a reduction of fats, oils and grease entering the sewer.

The 5000 litre grease traps were fabricated using Paneltim®, an innovative 50mm thick plastic sandwich construction panel. Trade waste tanks manufactured with Paneltim® do not require steel reinforcement due to the superior rigidity of Paneltim® panels.  This saves both time and money in the installation of Paneltim® tanks.

The MetCentre project required significant logistical coordination due to the site location, busyness of the CBD and restricted height allowance for truck access. Viking worked closely with their merchant, Reece Plumbing in Mona Vale, the plumber, transport company and MetCentre’s project management team to ensure timely fabrication and delivery.

For further information about grease traps and trade waste tanks visit Viking Plastics’s website or call 03 9587 2297.

MetCentre, Sydney
Three of MetCentre’s four 5000 litre grease traps ready for delivery
MetCentre vehicle entrance