• around storage tanks or drum storage areas where flammable or toxic liquids are held

img_0628Bunds are containments around an area where hazardous liquids are handled, processed or stored.  A bund has an impervious wall (or embankment) that surrounds the facility/tanks and an impervious floor within the bunded area.  This is because bunds are designed to contain spillages and leaks from liquids and to facilitate clean-up operations. Subsequently, this helps to prevent environmental pollution.

The bund is the main part of a spill containment system.  As a result, the whole system (or bunded area) is colloquially referred to as the “bund”.

Furthermore, for a bund to be effective, it must be of sufficient size to contain the volume of any likely leak and be impervious to the liquid.

Bespoke Design & Manufacture

Viking Plastics manufacture bespoke bunds to just about any dimension including single containment or multiple containment.  Viking Plastic bunds are manufactured from high density polyethylene.  The material is UV stabilised and can be used indoor or outdoor.

Viking Plastics' bunds are manufactured to bespoke design
Viking Plastics’ bunds are manufactured to bespoke design

Viking bunds can be fitted with:

  • drain fittings
  • acid resistant grating
  • shelves for dosing pumps
  • hoods
  • covers
  • doors
  • clear inspection windows
  • the variety is endless!

For examples, please visit our photo gallery.

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