For below ground:

  • grease trap / food & oil interceptor
  • petrol & oil interceptor / triple interceptor
  • pump tank
  • solvent & oil interceptor
  • cooling & straining tank
  • acid neutralising tank
  • mixing tank
  • settling tank / plaster trap
Concrete- infill-access-cover
Concrete in-fill access cover

Below ground trade waste tanks require the addition of an access cover so trade waste contractors can gain access for pump-outs and/or tank cleaning. These access covers are available in various types (Concrete in-fill, solid top or with a tiling edge). Tiling edge covers include brass or stainless steel edging and are used with tiled surfaces to maintain a professional appearance. Concrete in-fill and solid top covers are used in more general situations.

Access covers are available in several weight loadings. Light duty for pedestrian traffic, medium duty for car traffic and heavy duty for truck traffic.

Paneltim® Access Cover

Viking has developed the Paneltim® access cover as an excellent alternative to metal access covers.  Paneltim® access covers are ideally suited to medium and heavy duty applications where a tank is installed under a concrete paved roadway area. They can be made to suit any tank size which makes a non-standard tank very easy to match a lid size to.

Paneltim® Access Covers features included:

  • Lower installation weight
  • Lower cost than traditional cast iron or steel covers
  • Manufactured to suit just about any tank size or custom made tank
  • Easy to remove
  • Lids will suit Paneltim® tanks or Thin-Skin tanks

Metal Access Cover

Metal access covers consist of a frame and removable panels. The frame size and number of removable panels will depend on the size of the tank. Ideally, each panel will be removable by one person (lifting tools will be required).

  • Available in a range of sizes from 450x450mm to 4500x900mm
  • Cover dimensions are nominal and may vary according to load rating and material of manufacture
  • Concrete In-Fill type and Solid Top covers supplied as standard – Tiling Edge are available by request
  • Available in light (2.5 tonne), medium (5 tonne) or heavy duty (8 tonne) load ratings
  • Wheel load refers to single point load capacity

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