MCG Case Study

When filled to capacity, the MCG holds 100,000 people. It is the 12th largest stadium in the world and with numerous food preparation facilities, from large dining rooms, restaurants, cafes to fast food outlets such as the ‘Dog Bar’ and ‘Red Rooster’ and those serving the typical ‘footy food’ the MCG can cater for all tastes.

What people don’t see is the behind the scenes infrastructure that ensures the events runs smoothly. Viking Plastics has supplied 6 x 4,000 litre grease traps to the MCG. All commercial food preparation businesses require a grease trap to collect the grease and fats from the waste water generated during the cooking and washing processes before it is discharged to sewer.

These Viking Plastics grease traps have been working flawlessly since 2007 to ensure the food preparation businesses run smoothly and the patrons can enjoy the entertainment and refreshments without concern for what happens behind the scenes.