• Waste water collection from indoor wash down areas
silt trap
Silt trap

A silt trap is for the collection of silt that may be washed from an indoor floor area. This trap has a small removable straining bucket and perforated grate.  Silt traps are usually installed in a kitchen floor or an area where frequent wash downs are required.  The top of the lid is at floor level.  Silt traps are usually supplied with a ‘disconnector trap’.  The lid is easily removed to gain access to the grit collection bucket fitted to the trap.  The body of the trap is to be surrounded with at least 100mm of concrete.

Silt Trap

  • Fabricated from PVC for below ground installation
  • Removable bucket with perforated body and lifting handle for easy disposal of collected silt
  • Grate is perforated with M10 holes

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