Custom Planter Boxes

Viking Plastics is pleased to announce we now fabricate and supply custom planter boxes and liners for residential and commercial landscaping.

Viking’s custom planter boxes are fabricated using Paneltim® plastic sandwich construction panels. Liners for planter boxes and ponds are fabricated using 6mm thick polyethylene.

Viking’s plastic planter boxes are a lightweight alternative to concrete or steel constructions. Viking planters are custom made to any required dimensions. For long boxes, internal braces are added to ensure the walls remain true when loaded with soil. The boxes can be installed with spacers between each planter to allow for thermal expansion and contraction.

Our customers have clad Viking Plastics’ planters in a range of designer finishes including timber, render, decorative contact adhesive and paint. Customers have also installed lighting features in the external cladding to create stunning visual effects. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Have an idea you’d like to explore? Viking is waiting to hear from you.


Viking custom planter box
Viking custom planter boxes are fabricated to any dimension



plastic planter boxes
8m long plastic planter boxes


Walpole Street plastic planter boxes with rubberised render


Caribbean Park facade


Hudson Apartments Planter Boxes



Timber clad 6mm polyethylene liner