Grease Trap for Restaurants

Grease Trap for Restaurants: Local Water Authorities require installation of a grease trap for restaurants and food processing areas.  This is because fats and oils are required to be prevented from entering the sewerage system. A grease trap is designed with internal baffles to slow the flow of greasy water.  Slowing the flow of water gives the water a chance to cool.  The result is … Continued

45 Litre Grease Trap

45 Litre Grease Trap: Viking Plastics has a new product in their range – a 45 litre grease trap for use in domestic kitchens.  Made from PVC, Viking’s domestic grease trap is installed in-line between the kitchen sink and the septic tank, Aerated Water Treatment System or sewer.  Viking Plastics’ domestic grease trap is unique because it is available for both above ground and below ground installations. … Continued

Custom Size Grease Trap

Custom Size Grease Trap: Viking Plastics recently received a request for a 3000 litre above ground custom size grease trap.  The trap needed to be installed in a very difficult location within a new restaurant in Duckboard Place, just off Flinders Lane in Melbourne CBD. The only available location to install the grease trap was at ground level. This just happened to be at the bottom … Continued

Grease Trap Fabrication: Plastic extrusion welding

Grease trap fabrication: Viking Plastics specialises in grease trap fabrication. This video shows a plastic extrusion welder in operation.  The welder is showing set temperature. In tank fabrications, the main use of extrusion welding is to weld the bases and tops. In certain applications, the body panels are also welded using this technique. Extrusion welding is used where it is necessary to produce large volume, homogeneous seams … Continued

Custom Made Grease Trap

Custom Made Grease Trap: Viking Plastics was recently contacted by a large retail butcher shop who needed a custom made grease trap “chop, chop!” The butcher shop located in regional Victoria, had a “need it now” requirement for a 2400 litre below ground custom made grease trap. At Viking Plastics the answer is always “yes”!  We pride ourselves on customer service and were happy to oblige. Custom made products normally require … Continued

New Paneltim® Below Ground Grease Trap Lid

Below Ground Grease Trap Lid: Viking Plastics has developed the Paneltim® below ground grease trap access cover as an excellent alternative to metal access covers. Paneltim® is an innovative 50mm thick, dual skin sandwich panel.  It has an internal cross-rib cell structure that is lightweight yet offers superior strength and rigidity in both length and width. Paneltim® below ground grease trap access covers have a lower installation weight and … Continued

Rapt in Plastic – Employee Retires after 38 Years

Following in the steps of his father, Martin Hickey commenced at Humes in 1976.  As a fresh young sixteen year old, Martin learned the craft of plastics fabrication.  In 1983, the plastics fabrication division of Humes was sold to Viking Plastics. Martin and his skills were acquired by Viking Plastics where he continued to work for the next 31 years as an expert in specialised … Continued

Custom Plastic Fabrication

Viking Plastics provides world class custom plastic fabrication for all types of specialised applications – including large scale products for the mining industry. Viking Plastics were set a task to manufacture large drip tray sets for the Maules Creek Coal Mine load out facility.  Four tray sets each up to 30 metres long were manufactured in Viking’s Braeside factory and transported via large crates to … Continued

Portable Grease Trap Hire

Grease Trap Hire: Mobile food vendors and food trucks represent a whole new way of dining. With locations all around town, at markets and festivals, these stalls and vans bring a variety of affordable and delicious eats to the masses. Great for the consumer but waste issues pose challenges for most vendors. Viking Plastics’ portable grease trap hire provides a welcome solution. Rafael Rashid operates two … Continued

Grease Trap Rental Service

Grease Trap Rental: Viking Plastics is now offering grease trap rental.  Our first contract was to supply two 2500 litre portable grease traps to Rod Laver Arena for the 2016 Australian Open. Major events such as Moomba, Melbourne Cup, festivals and pop-up restaurants have a niche requirement. Water Authorities do not allow waste water to be poured on the ground or sent directly to a sewer … Continued