Grease Trap Installation Training Aid

The Army College of TAFE (ACOT) was recently gifted a Viking Plastics tank so plumbing apprentices could practice below ground grease trap installation.

Just prior to World War Two the Australian Army introduced training for Army Workshop Apprentices in the trade of fitting. In 1972, apprenticeships in Plumbing and Gas Fitting was introduced. Across the years, graduates of the Army Apprentice Scheme have been credited with being the backbone of the maintenance of the mobility and firepower of an ever increasing complex, diverse and technically oriented Australian Army.

Viking Plastics supplied ACOT a 100 litre below ground Paneltim® grease trap for use as a training aid in grease trap installation.  And the gift was most welcome. Says ACOT Teacher, “A big thank you for our grease trap. It is being put to good use and we really appreciate Viking’s donation. It is a fantastic training aid.”

Like most TAFE colleges offering plumbing courses, ACOT use a ‘sand pit’ for below ground grease trap installation so the apprentices can practice installation, connections and getting the correct fall.

Through the use of sand, the tank and pipework can be reused for the next apprentice.

This is not the first time Viking Plastics has gifted a TAFE college with a grease trap or trade waste tank. Viking has previously supplied ACOT an above ground tank for apprentice training. Viking has also donated tanks to many other metropolitan, regional and interstate TAFE colleges.  Says Viking Plastics Managing Director, Malcolm Ling, “It is important to Viking Plastics to invest in the provision of practical training aids for apprentice plumbers. Knowing our tanks provide apprentices with ‘real’ learning options is a “win-win” for apprentices and the plumbing industry”.

Viking Plastics has also supplied ‘mini’ clear grease traps to water authorities and TAFE colleges for demonstration purposes. These clear tanks provide an opportunity for apprentices and others to see how a grease trap operates.

For further information, contact Viking Plastics.