Viking Tanks with Resealable Lids are the “in thing”

Viking tanks with screw-in lids
2000lt Grease Trap with Screw-in Lids (Paneltim Above Ground)

Thought we’d share some great feedback re Viking tanks received from Hayden Ivers at Ivers Liquid Waste

“Gidday Joe, just letting you know that we have run Grease Trap Cleaning Service for about 45 years, and you can imagine what we have seen in that time. The best thing that has happened over time in cleaning is the Viking waste tanks. There has been plenty of inventions over time, large stainless lids are too heavy, flat long rectangle plastic lids warp and break and often are hard to seal and stop the smell, thus customers complain. So we reckon the round, light and totally resealable lids on the Viking tanks are the in thing.”

Thanks for your kind words, Hayden!

A grease trap is a holding tank with a number of baffles.  It is designed to slow the flow of warm/hot greasy waste water from commercial kitchens and food preparation areas allowing the waste water to cool. As the water cools, suspended fats, oil and grease from day to day cooking separate and float to the top, solids settle on the bottom and the cleaner and cooler water is discharged to sewer.

If you’d like to know more why Viking grease traps are the “in thing”, click here. 

Fabricated in Melbourne, Viking Plastics’ products are available for delivery Australia wide.

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