What is a Settling Tank?

Settling tank: A settling tank slows the flow of waste water to allow plaster, clay and other material to sink to the bottom of the tank and cleaner water to flow out to the sewer. In general, the capacity of a settling tank needs to be sufficient to retain the contaminated waste water for at least one hour before being discharged to sewer. The most common … Continued

Grease Trap Suppliers Melbourne

Grease trap suppliers Melbourne: If you’re looking for grease trap suppliers Melbourne, look no further than Viking Plastics! For over 50 years, Viking Plastics has manufactured and supplied a diverse range of trade waste tanks to the plumbing industry.  Located in the Melbourne suburb of Braeside, Viking’s modern factory is well-equipped and boasts manufacturing and administrative facilities spanning 2600 square metres. Tanks are available in … Continued

Why do I need a Grease Trap?

Grease Trap: A grease trap (also known as a grease interceptor or triple interceptor) is needed to ensure the disposal of cooking oil and waste water via drains and sinks does not cause plumbing and environmental problems.  There are specific requirements for the Water Authorities in each state and territory of Australia.  Most authorities prohibit liquid waste being discharged on the ground or to a stormwater drainage … Continued

What is a Grease Trap?

Grease Trap: A grease trap is a tank that sits between a sink and the general sewer to stop pollutants like grease and oil from entering the sewage system. Also known as a “Food and Oil Interceptor”, “Grease Interceptor” or “Triple Interceptor”, a grease trap contains baffles that slow the flow of hot greasy water.  By slowing the water flow and allowing the water to cool, pollutants can either … Continued

What is a Triple Interceptor?

Triple Interceptor: A Triple Interceptor is also known as a Food and Oil Interceptor or Grease Trap.  It is a tank installed between a sink and a public sewer to prevent pollution from trade waste such as grease, fat, oil, silt, sand, sludge and other substances entering into the sewer system.  A grease trap has a number of baffles that slow the flow of warm/hot greasy water allowing the water to cool. … Continued

What is a Food and Oil Interceptor?

Food and Oil Interceptor: A Food and Oil Interceptor is also known as a grease trap.  It is a tank-like device that slows the flow of waste water into the sewer by using gravity to allow fats and oils to separate for disposal at an appropriate facility.  Retail food business that cook or serve hot food will need to install a grease trap. Waste water from food … Continued