Petrol and Oil Interceptor Concrete Tank Replacement: Benefits of Viking Plastics’ Plastic Interceptors

Petrol and Oil Interceptor Concrete Tank Replacement: Benefits of Viking Plastics’ Plastic Interceptors

In the realm of industrial waste management, the shift from concrete petrol and oil interceptors to plastic alternatives has gained traction. Specifically, Viking Plastics‘ plastic petrol and oil interceptors present a range of advantages that make them an excellent choice for concrete tank replacement.

Enhanced Durability and Longevity

Below Ground Thin Skin Petrol & Oil Interceptor

One of the primary benefits of choosing Viking Plastics’ plastic petrol and oil interceptors over concrete tanks is their superior durability. Concrete tanks are prone to cracking and degradation due to chemical exposure and environmental factors. In contrast, Viking Plastics’ interceptors are fabricated from 6mm polyethylene and are resistant to corrosion and chemical reactions, ensuring a longer lifespan and reducing the frequency and cost of repairs and replacements. This robustness makes them an ideal option for petrol and oil interceptor concrete tank replacement.

Lightweight and Easy Installation

Concrete tanks are heavy and require extensive labour and equipment for transportation and installation. Viking Plastics’ plastic interceptors are significantly lighter, simplifying the installation process. This lightweight nature reduces installation time and associated costs, minimising operational downtime. The ease of handling plastic interceptors is a crucial advantage in the concrete tank replacement process.

Customisation and Flexibility

Viking Plastics’ plastic petrol and oil interceptors offer unparalleled customisation options. Businesses can specify the size, shape, and capacity of their interceptors to meet unique operational needs. This level of customisation ensures optimal performance and efficiency in waste management systems, a flexibility that concrete tanks cannot easily provide. This adaptability highlights another key benefit of concrete tank replacement.

Environmental and Safety Benefits

Viking Plastics’ plastic interceptors are designed with environmental sustainability in mind. A petrol and oil interceptor, sometimes known as a triple interceptor, contains and slows the flow of contaminated waste water.  The interceptor allows suspended grease, oil and traces of fuel and solvents to float to the top while solids settle to the bottom and cleaner water flows out to sewer. Made from recyclable and eco-friendly materials, they significantly reduce the environmental footprint. Additionally, the smooth surfaces of plastic interceptors prevent bacterial growth and make cleaning easier, promoting better hygiene and safety standards in industrial settings. These eco-friendly and safety features are vital considerations in concrete tank replacement.


Viking Plastics’ plastic petrol and oil interceptors offer long-term cost savings. The reduced need for maintenance, lower installation expenses, and extended durability contribute to a more economical solution over the interceptor’s lifecycle. This cost-effectiveness makes plastic interceptors a wise choice for businesses considering concrete tank replacement.

In conclusion, replacing concrete petrol and oil interceptors with Viking Plastics’ plastic interceptors offers numerous benefits. Enhanced durability, ease of installation, customisation options, environmental benefits, and long-term cost savings make Viking Plastics’ petrol and oil interceptors a superior investment for businesses looking to improve their waste management systems.

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