Grease Trap Price

Looking for a competitive grease trap price?

Each grease trap price is dependent on a number of variables.  These variables include: the location of the installation within Australia, capacity required, standard or custom application and construction materials.

Location within Australia

Water authorities throughout Australia have stipulated specific design specifications for grease traps used in their area. Designs do vary from region to region therefore the grease trap price will vary as well.  A trade waste agreement must be obtained from your local water authority before discharging trade waste to a sewer.

To find your local water authority, click here.

grease trap price
Grease trap price will vary based on size required


The grease trap price will depend on the capacity needed for your particular application.  Your local water authority will have a set of sizing criteria to establish the capacity applicable to your application.

Standard or Custom Application

Viking has a large range of standard size tanks and you can quickly obtain a grease trap price by calling or emailing Viking Plastic’s office. In addition, we build products specially designed or adapted to our customers’ individual needs, eg. a custom made grease trap to fit under a bench or hidden within a cabinet.  On occasions, a fully completed tank or product cannot fit through an existing building’s access points. In such a case, we can deliver the product in pre-cut pieces and complete the fabrication on site.  For custom applications, we will work with you and provide a quote for a product to suit your needs.

Construction Materials

The grease trap price will vary based on the materials used to construct the tank. Viking Plastics uses PVC to manufacture grease traps less than 250 litres.  Stronger, 6mm polypropylene is used for tanks over 250 litres. In above ground applications, thin skin tanks are fitted with an external 50x50mm galvanised steel tube support frame.  The grease trap price of large tanks (2000 litres and above) is typically more economical when constructed from Paneltim® as the steel support frame is not required.  Paneltim® is an innovative 50mm thick, dual skin, lightweight sandwich panel with an internal cross-rib cell structure that offers sufficient strength and rigidity.

Australia Wide Delivery

Fabricated in Melbourne, Viking Plastics products are available for delivery Australia wide.

For further information you can request a quote, download a spec sheet or call Viking Plastics on 03 9587 2297.

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