Broodstock Holding Tank Supplier: Benefits of Viking Plastics’ Paneltim Aquaculture Tanks

Broodstock Holding Tank Supplier: Benefits of Viking Plastics’ Paneltim Aquaculture Tanks DOWNLOAD BROCHURE When it comes to aquaculture, the choice of materials for holding tanks is crucial. As a broodstock holding tank supplier, Viking Plastics offers superior solutions with tanks fabricated using Paneltim© plastic construction panels. Paneltim© tanks have numerous benefits making them ideal for aquaculture applications. Superior Durability and Strength Viking Plastics’ Paneltim© aquaculture … Continued

Petrol and Oil Interceptor Concrete Tank Replacement: Benefits of Viking Plastics’ Plastic Interceptors

Petrol and Oil Interceptor Concrete Tank Replacement: Benefits of Viking Plastics’ Plastic Interceptors In the realm of industrial waste management, the shift from concrete petrol and oil interceptors to plastic alternatives has gained traction. Specifically, Viking Plastics‘ plastic petrol and oil interceptors present a range of advantages that make them an excellent choice for concrete tank replacement. Enhanced Durability and Longevity One of the primary … Continued

Cathedrals on Fraser Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Cathedrals on Fraser Manager, Jack, collaborated with Viking Plastics to upgrade Fraser Island’s aerated waste water treatment. Waste water treatment is used for the treatment of wastewater through various treatment ‘chambers’. The wastewater is treated by bacteria in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen increases bacterial activity and the bacteria break down the nutrients in the effluent. Waster water treatment is required to … Continued

Under-Sink Mechanical Restaurant Grease Trap

Safeguarding Your Small Food Business: The Importance of an Under-Sink Restaurant Grease Trap According to Australian Water Authority Requirements Download Brochure Running a small restaurant, cafe, or food outlet comes with its own set of challenges, and one key aspect that’s often overlooked is proper grease management by using a restaurant grease trap. In Australia, water authorities have strict regulations in place to ensure that … Continued

Streamlining Kitchen Operations: The Tech-Savvy World of a Mechanical Grease Trap

Grease Raider Mechanical Grease Trap Introduction An innovation making waves in commercial kitchens is the mechanical grease trap. In the age of technological advancements, every industry, including the foodservice sector, is constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability. In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of the Grease Raider mechanical grease trap, its importance, and how they’re transforming the way we manage … Continued

Revolutionise Your Kitchen with the Benefits of an Automatic Grease Trap

Grease Raider Automatic Grease Trap It’s time to embrace a game-changing technology in the foodservice industry – the automatic grease trap. If you’re tired of dealing with grease-related kitchen problems, from clogs to costly clean-ups then this article is for you! It will explain the key benefits of implementing a Viking Grease Raider automatic grease trap in your kitchen. Download brochure 1.      Enhanced Efficiency Continuous … Continued

Melbourne Central Large Grease Traps Case Study

Melbourne Central, a large shopping centre, office, and public transport hub, required the installation of ten 10,000 litre above ground large grease traps. The grease trap specification was provided by Brendan Yeung from Norman, Disney & Young Engineering Consultants (NDY). NDY provide sustainable engineering solutions to improve the value, reliability, and efficiency of their clients’ projects. Brendan specified Viking Plastics’ above ground Paneltim®, self-supporting grease … Continued

Viking Tanks with Resealable Lids are the “in thing”

Thought we’d share some great feedback re Viking tanks received from Hayden Ivers at Ivers Liquid Waste… “Gidday Joe, just letting you know that we have run Grease Trap Cleaning Service for about 45 years, and you can imagine what we have seen in that time. The best thing that has happened over time in cleaning is the Viking waste tanks. There has been plenty … Continued

Large Outdoor Planters

Large Outdoor Planters Download brochure Viking Plastics specialise in the manufacture of large outdoor planters. Whatever your landscaping needs, Viking will custom fabricate planters to almost any size. Utilising innovative Paneltim® plastic construction panels, Viking’s planters have an unlimited life span that will long outlive metal and concrete alternatives. Often large outdoor planters are heavy to handle. This results in new construction needing additional reinforcement … Continued

Curved Planter Box Liners

Viking Plastics is a specialist in the custom fabrication of curved planter box liners. In 2017, Pt Leo Estate opened its doors.  Designed by Melbourne-based Jolson architects, the estate includes a winery, two restaurants, rooftop terrace and a sculpture park on a sprawling 50-acre site along the rugged Mornington Peninsula coast. Viking Plastics was engaged to custom fabricate curved planter box liners for the rooftop terrace. … Continued