Viking Grease Arrestor Approved in WA

Grease Arrestor Approval:

Viking Plastics’ has a range of grease arrestor products approved for use in Western Australia by Water Corporation.

Viking’s passive grease arrestor products are designed to trap and remove grease, fat and oil from commercial kitchens.

Viking trade waste tanks are manufactured from sheet polypropylene (PP) and/or polyethylene (HDPE) materials. The majority of these materials are UV stabilised. Construction methods are described as ‘Thin-skin’ or ‘Paneltim®’.

Thin-skin below ground tanks are manufactured from 6mm thick PP and must be surrounded with 100mm of concrete during installation. Keying strips on the exterior of the tank allow reinforcing bars to be placed around the tank and secure the tank into the concrete.

Paneltim® below ground tanks are manufactured from PP or PE material with a 50mm thick closed cell honeycomb type structure. Wall thickness is 4.5mm.

Above ground thin skin grease arrestor
Above ground thin skin grease arrestor

Below ground tanks are fitted with concrete infill access covers manufactured to Australian Standards to suit expected traffic conditions. The lids provide full access to the inside of the tank for maintenance purposes.

Below ground tanks can be supplied with riser extensions to suit required invert levels if need be.

Paneltim® above ground tanks and are self-supporting. These tanks can be fitted with either screw-in access openings or hinged access lids. Hinged lids provide access to the tank for maintenance purposes. Screw-in lids are suitable for smaller tanks up to 4000L.

Thin-skin above ground tanks are fitted with external steel support frames.

The grease arrestor product range offers six different sizes for each material and installation type.

Viking’s products are fabricated in Melbourne for Australia wide delivery.  Viking can arrange transport if required.

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