Grease Trap for Restaurants

Grease Trap for Restaurants:

Local Water Authorities require installation of a grease trap for restaurants and food processing areas.  This is because fats and oils are required to be prevented from entering the sewerage system.

A grease trap is designed with internal baffles to slow the flow of greasy water.  Slowing the flow of water gives the water a chance to cool.  The result is that solid waste sinks to the bottom of the grease trap, fats and oils float to the top.  Cooler, cleaner water is then expelled to the sewer.   The cooler water will not melt or buckle plastic (PVC) sewer systems.

The size of a grease trap for restaurants depends on the seating capacity of the restaurant. The criteria is set by your local water authority.

Viking Plastics supply grease traps for above ground and below ground installations. Tank construction options include thin skin and Paneltim.  Grease trap sizes range from 100 litre to 10,000 litre.   Viking can also custom fabricate grease traps to your specifications.

Grease traps must be installed by a licensed plumber.  A restaurant grease trap will need to be pumped out at regular intervals by a licensed trade waste collection contractor. Your local water authority will set the frequency of cleaning as part of your trade waste agreement.

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Viking Plastics supply grease trap for restaurants
Viking Plastics supply grease trap for restaurants