Viking Grease Interceptor Approved in SA

Grease Interceptor Approval: Viking Plastics’ grease interceptor range of products has been approved for installation by South Australian Water Corporation. A grease interceptor, also known as a grease trap,grease arrestor or food and oil interceptor, is used in food handling premises.  The purpose of grease interceptor is to prevent hot greasy oil and waste from entering the sewerage system. For each trade waste application, SA … Continued

Portable Grease Trap Hire

Grease Trap Hire: Mobile food vendors and food trucks represent a whole new way of dining. With locations all around town, at markets and festivals, these stalls and vans bring a variety of affordable and delicious eats to the masses. Great for the consumer but waste issues pose challenges for most vendors. Viking Plastics’ portable grease trap hire provides a welcome solution. Rafael Rashid operates two … Continued

Grease Trap Rental Service

Grease Trap Rental: Viking Plastics is now offering grease trap rental.  Our first contract was to supply two 2500 litre portable grease traps to Rod Laver Arena for the 2016 Australian Open. Major events such as Moomba, Melbourne Cup, festivals and pop-up restaurants have a niche requirement. Water Authorities do not allow waste water to be poured on the ground or sent directly to a sewer … Continued