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Grease Trap Hire:

Mobile food vendors and food trucks represent a whole new way of dining. With locations all around town, at markets and festivals, these stalls and vans bring a variety of affordable and delicious eats to the masses. Great for the consumer but waste issues pose challenges for most vendors. Viking Plastics’ portable grease trap hire provides a welcome solution.

Rafael Rashid operates two food trucks in Melbourne, Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck, and  knows the challenges only too well.  Says Rashid, “There’s much more to operating a food truck than just driving from venue to venue dishing out simple but tasty meals…we don’t have fixed rent on the street but we do have a fixed warehouse…we have all our grease traps set up there so all our waste comes back and goes through there. It’s quite a set up.” Hospitality Magazine (23 August 2013)

Disposing of cooking oil and wastewater incorrectly in drains and sinks can cause plumbing and environmental problems.  Most food authorities prohibit  liquid waste being discharged on the ground or to a stormwater drainage system.  Unlike Rashid, many food vendors do not have extensive infrastructure to handle waste and to risk a fine that would wipe out daily profit is not a viable option.  Viking Plastics hire portable grease traps in a variety of sizes depending on requirements. Easily installed by a registered plumber, short or long term rental is available.  Viking Plastics provide delivery and pick up and arrange pump out if required.

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Viking Plastics portable grease trap hire