Why use an Under Sink Grease Trap?

 Under Sink Grease Trap:

under sink grease trap
Viking Plastics’ 45 Litre under sink grease trap

A domestic under sink grease trap has a capacity of between 45-50 litres.  Viking Plastics under sink traps are installed in domestic kitchens inline between the kitchen sink and the sewer.  The trap is used to slow the flow of hot greasy water.  By slowing water the flow of water the water cools.  As the water cools, grease and oil to float to the surface and food particles sink to the bottom of the trap.  As a result cooler, cleaner water is discharged to the sewer.

A domestic under sink grease trap is useful in applications where a septic tank or Aerated Water Treatment System (AWTS) is installed.

Grease traps require manual cleaning on a regular basis.

All Viking products comply with trade waste water requirements set by local water authorities.

Viking Plastics’ domestic grease traps have a 45 litre capacity and PVC construction. Manufactured in Melbourne for Australia wide delivery.

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