Below Ground Thin Skin Settling Tank

Application: Dental/medical laboratories


A settling tank slows the flow of water, allowing heavier particles to sink and clean water to flow out to the sewer.

Click on the links below to download Installation & Maintenance Guidelines and Technical Drawings.


Installation & Maintenance Guidelines

Viking Catalogue Product Page


NOTE: Covers for below ground tanks supplied separately.  Refer to Concrete Infill Covers

Technical Drawings

Part No. Capacity (Litres)
NTP7BG-250 250
NTP7BG-300 300
NTP7BG-400 400
NTP7BG-500 500
NTP7BG-600 600
NTP7BG-750 750
NTP7BG-1000 1000
NTP7BG-1500 1500
NTP7BG-2000 2000