Settleable Solids Arrestor

Application: Dental/medical laboratories


A settleable solids arrestor is fitted with an air-tight screw-in lid to prevent escape of foul odours.  The tank slows the flow of water, allowing heavier particles to sink and clean water to flow out to the sewer.

Click on the links below to download Installation & Maintenance Guidelines and Technical Drawings.


Installation & Maintenance Guidelines

Viking Catalogue Product Page


NOTE: Covers for below ground tanks supplied separately.  Refer to Concrete Infill Covers

Technical Drawings

Part No. Capacity (Litres)
WPT29BG-1000 1000*
WPT29BG-1250 1250*
WPT29BG-1500 1500*
WPT29BG-2000 2000*

*Capacity Approved by Water Corporation