Portable Sedimentation Tank
Portable Sedimentation Tank

Application: Dewatering/sediment control/maintaining sediment basins


A portable sedimentation tank is a compartmented tank used to pump through sediment laden water. The tank separates, traps and retains soil and sediment allowing clear water to be pumped to general stormwater, adjoining properties, and rights-of-way below the sediment-tank site. Portable sedimentation tanks are used where an excavation extends below the seasonal high water table (requiring a sump pump) or on sites where excavations are deep and space is limited (urban construction).

Click on the links below to download Installation & Maintenance Guidelines and Technical Drawings.


Installation & Maintenance Guidelines


Technical Drawings

Part No. Capacity (Litres)
TPT40AG-1000 1000
TPT40AG-2000 2000
TPT40AG-3000 3000
TPT40AG-5000 5000
TPT40AG-7000 7000
TPT40AG-10000 10000